Data analysis and reporting

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Your name Teacher’s name Class Date Data Analysis from USC Traffic Congestion Survey The data was analyzed through simple manual methods using MS Excel. The entries from respondent were each awarded a weight from 5 to 1 ranging from how much an individual agreed with a concept to how much they disagreed with it. This method was chosen in lieu of the fact that the data sample was considerably small. It was, therefore, efficient to conduct a simple data analysis procedure. The data indicates that there is an overwhelming necessity to decongest traffic at entry and checkpoints of USC. Values that were suggested that there is a challenge in the traffic scored averages that indicated a remarkable coherence of all the 20 respondents. Most of them are beyond 4.5 with a number actually having the maximum value of 5. On the other hand, prompts that asked about the efficiency of USC traffic management gave a low average indicating dissatisfaction. The query “I have easy to a parking space at my department,” generated an average of 1.75 indicating disagreements. It is, therefore, appropriate to assume that there is an overwhelming need to increase efficacy in checking the security of the university while still decongesting the

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