Dangerous Occupations

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Dangerous Occupations and Industries Students Name Institutional Affiliation Date Dangerous Occupations and Industries Introduction Apparently, as much as people strive to secure job opportunities to sustain their lives, some industries and occupations are very hazardous to engage in. The dangers employees are exposed to can be attributed to the number of fatalities per year and the reported number of accidents that have resulted from those occupations and companies. This is regarding the available data by the National Safety Council sites like OSHA. Most Dangerous Occupations Truck driving jobs The occupation which involves transportation and moving of objects suffers more from fatalities. Ten out of forty accidents occur in this occupation. The hazardous condition of the road is one of the reasons for a large number of deaths. The weather is good or bad, it doesn't matter, and the truck drivers have to roll all the time (Marsh & Fosbroke, 2015). In the winter season, the traffic on the road is not much, but in the winter season, they have to face difficulties like snow and ice on the highways. The number of accidents occurs in summer in all areas because traffic on roads is more in summer in comparison to other seasons as people prefer to travel more in summer. The places where the number of accidents and fatalities occur, there is the need for improvement in the design of those highways. Also, there should be training or classes for the general public so that they know how to share the road with trucks. Agriculture industries A large number of pesticides, antibiotic products, and chemicals are used in agricultural industries. For having a high yield

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