Dancing in Imagination

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Dancing in Imagination Imagination supersedes reality is an archetypal proverb unknown to many, but cherished by few. Helen Keller’s text on “The Seeing Hand” demonstrates how imagination has enabled a blind person identify and recognize things within the person’s vicinity. The person was unlikely to realize the potential of the hand until the dog stirred the persona’s emotions. The effect of the touch was exhilarating, transformative and loving, unlike any other touch. The person felt loved and cared for and decided to take a step into the unknown. The text is emotional yet confusing for any reader to accurately understand the narrator’s viewpoint. The narrator lays credence to the importance of the hand, than the sight, unlike others. The narrator says, “My hand is to me what your hearing and sight together are to you.” The abundance of the hope the narrator has in the hands reiterates its importance to the narrator. However, the reader questions the effectiveness of the hand, unlike the eyesight and the narrator perfectly answers but rather in anecdotic form. The narrator says, “I move around my house, touching object after object in order before I can form an idea of the entire house.” (Keller 9) The claims significantly apportion the narrator’s imagination mojo to creatively imagine and form the true picture of an object through the power of a touch. Intuitively, the world is different for every being. Different people are blessed with diverse abilities and capabilities. The differences make us human, makes us share in the sacred nature of the creation and come together in love through sharing and togetherness. The persona at one point says,

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