Daily Life in the British American Colonies

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Daily Life in the British American Colonies The decision by some women to stay in New France reveals that their lives in the British American Colonies were difficult, and were full of oppression. A woman’s role was to serve her husband, who had absolute authority over her. Women were expected to cover their body from the head to toe, and were responsible for the house chores, as well as looking after the children. She had to exercise some level of restraint and gentleness infused by her religion, meaning she was to be seen and not heard, and she had to submit to her husband (Boellstorff 171). Upon the death of the spouse, the wife was entitled to 1/3 of his property. The colonial laws used in the colonies also permitted divorce only when there was adultery, willful dissertation that exceeds three years, or a seven-year absence without any information. It is clear that the colonies were structured in a manner that ensured women stuck to their overtly assigned gender roles. However, the women who decided to stay in New France had a better life compared to their counterparts in the British American Colonies. Their lives were molded by the cultural, legal, and religious values of the society in New France. They, therefore, acquired significant importance, including those who came from the British Colonies. In New France, women who chose to remain unmarried did so at their own liberty. They were free to join religious groups that did not restrict their lives. Furthermore, women were involved in education and looked after the sick due to the demand for their services. New France gave the women an opportunity to

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