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D/B- 2 Name Tutor Course Date Since I will be a new teacher, there are many things that I will do to ensure that my classroom is ready as I join my career as a teacher. I will introduce myself to the class by writing a list of things that I like on the board. These will include the attributes I like in people such as hard-work, honesty, generosity, open-mindedness or hobbies, and activities that we can carry out as a class. These activities such as games will be beneficial as I continue with teaching because I will apply different games to emphasize on some concepts and promote team-work in the class. In order to manage my class effectively, I will appoint a student leader to start with but the position will be rotational after a period of two weeks (Burke, 1999). However, the student leader will not be center of attention as I will be assigning different responsibilities to all students equally. For example, there will be a student in charge of the board and another one will be the time-keeper. I will involve the class in coming up with a set of rules against which we will state the punishment for breaking them. The first icebreaker activity will be sharing our names aloud and naming a virtue starting with the same letter as our names. I will arrange the class randomly but consider students who might be short-sighted or physically challenged so that they can be positioned at a suitable point from the board or the door. Colorful stickers will be put on the walls to brighten up the room and create a warm effect that will make the students comfortable (Burke, 1999). Finally, I will put together all the supplies such as pens, textbooks, and

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