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D/B -1 RE WRITE Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Date I have a couple of events to perform this year. The first and foremost event for this year includes teaching integrated language arts. In this year, we will be acting some plays by Shakespeare, literary novels and other styles of writing. On the other hand, the classroom activities will include parental career, sharing about hobbies as well as paying a visit to the modern library. My primary focus is on the success of the student. As a result, I expect sufficient support from both the students and the parents. However, their support should involve sharing their experiences so that other students can learn from them. In fact, I feel very excited since I am sure at the end of it all I am likely to meet each student at a personal level. The most important character with me is that I value all my students. Furthermore, I appreciate and acknowledge their opinions at every instance since they make me prosper in a positive direction. Besides, I advocate for respect, cooperation, and diversity with students. Therefore, I am sure by working as a team we are likely to achieve the dreams (Yaden et al., 2017). Several challenges were evident last year. For instance, there was a tragedy that hit our school. However, the case was general for the entire Stark County. Additionally, eight suicides cases were reported last year. Besides, the attempt to shoot the school created a lot of fear and tensions among the students and the township of residence. Therefore, I aim to partner with parents and students to ensure that such crisis don't happen in future. It is true that I am expecting that things will run smoothly

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