Cyberwarfare Task 1

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Cyberwarfare Task 1 This report provides a brief analysis of the recent incident of intrusion detected in the Western Interconnection power grid network. The report briefly discusses how the cyberwarfare has evolved since 1998 in both its capabilities and technologies. The report also sheds light on the characteristics of advanced persistent threats (APT) and the tradecrafts they use to reach their mission’s goals. The report discusses how, in the given power grid scenario, the attacks by the APTs would be different if the Internet was absent in the power grid. The report then points out the possible areas of vulnerabilities in the power grid that can be exploited in the Internet. It speculates where the power grid intrusion attacks might have originated from. The report finally speculates the attacker’s profile, the resources that might be involved and their capabilities. It also explains briefly the probably type of access involved in the power grid intrusions. Evolution of Cyberwarfare Cyberwar tactics, capabilities and technologies have evolved over the past three decades (Chappel and Seidl, 2014; SANS Institute, 2005). The earliest signs of an approaching cyberwar surfaced in the late 1990s when a locally initiated attack, Solar Sunrise, relayed from local university servers, took down US Air force workstations nationwide. Although the attacks were traceable and were found to be conducted by local recreational hackers, the worrisome aspect was that the attack was successful despite military’s security assessment exercise, Eligible Receiver. The military’s vulnerable security conditions became even more alarming when another intrusion attack, Moonlight Maze,

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