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Cyberbullying ENG1200 Composition II SU03 February 4, 2018  Abstract Cyberbullying is the intentional harassment by a group or an individual with the aid of the internet and technological devices that are invasive, for example, mobile phones. Bullying in the traditional form of the term has been around as long as capitalism and competition have existed in this world. In the belief system that equates success to wealth, capitalism advances bullying as a survival tactic among the citizens. Of worry, is the reason governments waited for so long to realize that cyberbullying is just as harmful as traditional bullying. The prevalence of the cyberbullying problem is at an elevated level among teens. In most studies concerning cyberbullying, school going children are the majority of victims. In this age, it is possible to create anonymous accounts on the internet where bullying takes place, but the perpetrator is not known. The impossibility of curbing cyberbullying becomes a possibility each day as technology advances. Cyberbullying prevalence remains high and continues to soar among the youth. Cyberbullying Bullies have always existed, but, cyber bullies are a relatively new species. The term cyberbullying was first used in by Bill Belsey in 2004 to describe the nature of intimidation and harassment conducted through communication technologies (Mehari & Farrell, 2016). Cyberbullying is intentional harassment by a group or an individual via the internet and technological devices that are invasive, for example, mobile phones. Technology and internet access are the basis for cyberbullying. Hence, the establishment of the internet preceded the vice. The term

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