Cyber Security Questions

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Cyber Security Questions Question One Data is most vulnerable when it’s in motion because protecting information in this state requires special capabilities. Data in motion refers to the data that is at the present moving across a network or in the workstation's Random Access Memory (RAM) for example, emails or files transferred over File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Secure Shell (SSH). An inspired hacker with the right resources can gain access to the electronic infrastructure and tap data in motion like emails. Data in motion should be encrypted so that in case a hacker gains access the data is unreadable. Not protecting data in motion makes an organization vulnerable. Question Two Encryption of data is not the only way to prevent cyber crime since encryption while protecting data from hackers also ends up providing hackers a safe place to hide their illegal activities from the authorities. Depending solely on encryption for data security will give someone a false sense of safety when in fact determined hackers can mobilize massive computer resources to decrypt the data. Also, there are alternatives to encryption that are better in certain circumstances, for example, hashing sensitive data. Additionally, encryption is not as strong as people think since there are no proofs traditional encryption algorithms like RSA cannot be cracked. Question Three In simpler terms, the Internet of Things (IoT) is used to describe the connection of devices to the web. The IoT refers to the system of interconnected computing devices, all forms of machines, physical objects, animals or people with different identifiers and the power to move data from one place to another over the network

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