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CUSTOMIZATION Name: Unit Tutor: University: Customization and its importance Customization is the act of building and or modifying products, services, procedures or processes according to individual preferences. Suthar, Burns, and Gupta (2018) add that this concept presents that the customer’s references come first before the wishes of the company. All this has to be in tune with the changing consumer trends. Customization is mostly important because it goes a long way in meeting consumer needs as they change. Customers have become more vocal about their needs hence customizing different needs helps to meet their needs. Furthermore, this has become a new trend in the consumer market that is closely followed by many companies. Following closely reputation of the company as many customers preferring bespoke products become aware of the companies offering such services hence an increased reputation (Ding and Keh, 2016).Effect of technology on product development In product development, technology has been greatly used to increase the rate of product development. One of the ways this is hastened is through social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram which holds a huge market potential. Sampling, evaluating and measuring customer feedback has been made possible through these platforms (Morrel and Morrell, 2018). Mass customization Mass customization is the alteration of customer needs to satisfy a specific portion of customers (Pollard, Chuo and Lee, 2016). They vary from minor changes like colour or specification to the development and introduction of a c completely new product. Here, large consumer base with specific needs is targeted instead of

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