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Customer Experience Name Institution Customer Experience Customer experience at McDonald's I have been a loyal customer at my McDonald’s in part slope Brooklyn for over 16 years, and my first years as a customer at the firm, there was everything right going on, and the customer experience every day became better and better. However, the incident that took place last year December made me rethink my stand about the company and its customer services. My latest experience at the firm was the worst. The new self-service kiosks have turned out to affect the customer relationship with the business negatively. Initially, most services carried out by the customer. However, the stalls have reversed the activities of the customer. I had to do all the work. Also, it took me more time than when people instead of machines were offering the services, and some of the products had their prices increased. Moreover, is still had to pay through the cashier since I had no Visa. The queue was longer than it had ever been as there was only a single worker at the cashier. It seems she was newly employed as barely spoke English and had the worst attitude I had ever experience with a fast food cashier. My conclusion was that the firm had laid off most workers since they introduced the kiosk and being only a single employee at the branch, the amount of work was overwhelming and stressing her out. Kano Model Analysis Dissatisfiers Based on the Kano analysis theory, the basic needs of the firm to the customers were not met. The kiosks had turned out to be more time consuming and stressful to use since most people were not well educated on how to use the machine to make purchases.

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