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Student’s name Instructor’s name Business Law Date Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment has been common especially in the just concluded US elections. Democrats had previously reported of Trump’s sexual harassment in public, amid similar claims made against Bill Clinton. The severity of the issue had reduced Trump’s popularity in recent polls, indicating the nation’s distaste of the issue. Today, statistics suggest that even men face sexual harassment cases, particularly in the workplace. The new findings are neither startling since globalization has led to the degradation of cultures in the society. The US-based Commission of Equal Employment Opportunity has indicated that it receives more than 13,000 complaints of sexual harassment at the workplace. Interestingly, men claimed that more than 50% of their harassers were female, illustrating the changing traits between genders as opposed to occurrences in the past. States have been keen to enact punitive laws against the vice to discourage the vice in their states. California, Oregon, Massachusetts, and Colorado are some of the states which have adopted extremely punitive laws against sexual harassment in the USA (Hunt 11). The essay evaluates the application of sexual harassment laws in California, especially considering the USA Gymnast v. Karolyis sexual harassment case. USA Gymnast v. Karolyis The gymnast claims that Dr. Larry Nassar sexually harassed gymnasts between 2006 and 2011. The gymnast alleges that Bela and Martha Karolyi ignored the claims and left the doctor unsupervised even after allegations were made against the physician. The plaintiff filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles, the

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