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Current Program Analysis: Rabies Control in India Name of the student Professor’s name Current Program Analysis: Rabies Control in India Background Rabies is a neurological disorder that affects mammals including human beings. The disease is caused by a virus and is transmitted through animal bites (Blancou, 1988). Once the clinical signs of the disease are established in an individual, it is considered fatal (Fekadu, 1991). The prevalence of rabies is very high amongst South East Asian countries (Stubbs &Bloomberg, 1995). The prevalence of rabies of rabies in India is highest in the world. Most incidences of rabies in India are attributed to canine bites (Coleman & Dye, 1996). Lack of awareness and lack of rabies control programs are the major causes of increased prevalence of rabies in India. In India, approximately 20, 000 deaths occur per year are attributed to rabies infection. Hence, different rabies control programs have been implemented in India. However, the results are mixed and the policy makers are trying out their level best for reducing the prevalence of rabies in India. The present article appraised the different initiatives that are implemented for controlling rabies in India. Finally, the article would portray one relatively successful program which has been effective in controlling rabies in India. Rabies Control Programs and Issues The Government of India (GOI) has endorsed on the importance of initiating prophylaxis against rabies. Post-exposure prophylaxis is considered as a medical crisis and anti-rabies medications are made available in public healthcare settings free of cost. Moreover, the GOI has also made it

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