Curbing Recruitment of Terror Groups in the United States

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Curbing Recruitment of Terror Groups in the United States From a wide perspective, terrorism refers to the intentional use of indiscriminate violence to achieve a religious, ideological or political aim. It is a form of brutal crime which is classified as a fourth generation warfare. Terrorist groups such as ISIS and the Al Qaeda with jihad fundamentals, wrongfully mainly use religion to justify their criminal activities. According to a report by the National Journal, recruitment by ISIS has reached unprecedented levels and this presents a significant problem to the future of national security. Terrorism is such a complex matter that cannot be handled by a single disciplinary approach and hence the necessity to involve different approaches and stakeholders. For this study, philosophy and religion, psychology and criminal justice will be discussed as among the appropriate approaches to resolving recruitment of American residents into various terror groups. Philosophy and Religion Religion has been used to legitimize specific violent acts, motivated by a belief that the Supreme being has commanded application of certain violence for the greater glory of faith. On the other hand, philosophy of nationalism has become a principle source of political violence that has catalyzed emerging terrorist organizations such as ISIS. For example, ISIS terror group has developed the ideology that world policies such as democratic elections and international security are against their nations' cultural and religious beliefs. A typical example is the sharia law which seems to be pro-monarchical as opposed to democracy. This motivates American citizens with their origins to these nation to

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