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Student’s Name: Teacher’s Name: Course Name: Date: Chile: Cultural Project Overview Chile, famously known as the Republic of Chile, is a country in the continent of South America situated in a long, narrow piece of land between the Pacific Ocean Andres to the west and east respectively. The nation borders Bolivia to the northeastern part, Peru to the northern part, Argentina to the eastern part and the Drake Passage in the southern part. In size, Chile is about 1,250, 000 square kilometers of Antarctica, even though the Antarctica Treaty has suspended all the claims (Rector 32). Most notably, Chile is one of the most thriving countries in the South American region. In fact, as opposed to some of the countries in the region, it has been free of arbitrary governments and coups that have destroyed the continent- this makes it one of the most admired and important countries in the world. Apart from its stability, Chile has a rich culture, is geographically attractive, and interesting history. In this regard, this paper focuses on Chile as a country with the discussion emphasizing the geography, demographics, religion, language, history, and culture. History In the entire South American continent, there are a few countries with an interesting history similar to that of Chile. The origin of Chile is one that has been debated for centuries with many theories being formulated to explain how the country came to be in existence. First, according to Diego de Rosales, a Spanish Chronicler in the 17th century, the name Chile was a product of the corruption of the name Tili which was then given to a tribal chief of Picunche (Rector 45). Another theory is directed

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