Culture of Entitlement in Social Media

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Name Professor Subject Date The Culture of Entitlement in Social Media Introduction Entitlement refers to a right to a particular benefit or privilege that is usually granted by custom or law. The culture of entitlement describes a social trend characterized by individuals asserting that they deserve anything they want. People who feel that they are entitled to something feel that they should have and can have it now and that they do not have to give up anything for it. Although the culture of entitlement has been in existence for generations, it has become more profound during the information era. Social media has opened up unprecedented possibilities for information sharing, making it possible for users to develop a heightened sense of entitlement. This essay discusses how the culture of entitlement has contributed to the problems associated with social media. The Culture of Entitlement in Social Media Social media refers to web-based services that allow users to establish connections and interact with one another. In recent years, the use of social media has grown exponentially, especially among young people. For a majority of young across the world, social media is an integral aspect of their daily lives and provides a platform for sharing opinions, views, feelings and attitudes towards anything. The invention of handheld digital devices such as smartphones and tablets has allowed internet users to have access to social media services regardless of location. Undoubtedly, social media has changed the way people share information, exchange life experiences, lend approval and make compliments. According to Kathryn, Fornasier and White, one of the greatest

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