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Culture Comparison Domestic violence (DV) is a strain of abusive behavior that a sexually intimate partner employs in controlling the other partner. Contemporary understanding holds domestic violence as a factor of patriarchy although there are multiple factors that influence it. Domestic violence occurs in various forms, and they include sexual, economical, emotional, physical, or psychological actions. All these actions can influence another person's behavior. Any behavior that humiliates, coerce, intimidate, terrorize, manipulate, injure, frighten, threaten, or hurt someone qualifies as domestic violence. Domestic violence is a reality in our society, and it has no limit. Sexual abuse as a form of DV is an attempt by someone to coerce another party into sexual behavior without their consent. In most cases, women are victims of circumstance. Sexual abuse includes forced sex, marital rape, or attacks on sexual parts of the body. Physical abuse, on the other hand, includes slapping, grabbing, hitting, biting, and related forms (Garcia, et al. 2006). Emotional abuse is a situation where one’s ability is undermined either through withdrawing their efforts towards a particular task, verbal abuse, social isolation, and threats. Economic abuse, on the other hand, involves discriminating people with low annual income and isolating them and abusing them in relation their little finances. Finally, psychological abuse, as a strain of intimate violence, is caused by fear instilled by intimidation and threats of physical harm to family or friends of the partner. Domestic violence may occur in any type of relationship and between all sorts of people. Domestic violence’s

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