Culture and Identity

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Culture identifies people with their beliefs, customs as well as traditions that are believed to be acceptable to the same community. Identity, on the other hand, shows people who are closely related in the way they behave, believe and the affectionate that is unique towards each other that differs from the rest of the society. The differences in culture and identity bring about conflicting interest between those with one identity and same culture with other groups that are not related. James Baldwin in his book ‘Sonny’s Blues’ which was written after the war when everything was about one’s race highlights some of the conflicts that arise among people of different culture and identity. There are beliefs that culture develops the character of people in society. Similarly, identity grows among people who are related in many ways in the different spheres of life. Through culture, there are different activities that change one's behavior either positively or negatively relying on the environment that one grows up. The paper focuses on the way culture, and environment affects one's identity and how they relate to others. The narrator and his brother grew up in postwar Harlem. This is a neighborhood where there are different cultures. Sonny got himself into drugs, and he was taken to rehab (568). He was also associated with the jazz music while the narrator, on the other hand, might have been affected in such a way that he left his childhood town to pursue his teaching career. He did not like the life back in Harlem, and he had hoped to forget everything including his brother although he found it hard as they had close ties. Furthermore, the writer and his brother were

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