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cultural values and background. Forcing individuals from a perceived minority culture to abide by the values and norms of the dominant culture would lead to the loss of the individuals’ cultural individuality as well as the loss of traditions associated with that particular culture. Many cultural groups find it hard integrating into cultures to which they do not relate. Individuals should thus not be forced to abide by a particular culture. All cultural groups should be allowed to hold onto their values and norms. This would help in keeping certain traditions and cultural heritage alive as well as maintaining their cultural identity. Reference Stathi, Sofia, and Claudia Roscini. "Identity and...

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cultural values of our society such as being obedient, patient, and neat. In my teenage years, I associated more with my peers. Interaction with one another helped to shape our taste in music, fashion, and many other aspects of life. I would shift from one genre of music to another depending on what my peers prescribed as “cool.” My peers dictated the choice of words that I could use in specific situations. I adopted the sports and games that my friends enjoyed playing and shunned some of the games they considered insignificant. When I was young, we used to play with children of either sex, but in my adolescent years, I started receiving positive reinforcement from my same gender peers to...



cultural values will be highlighted. References Pilcher, J. (2017). Women of their time: generation, gender issues, and feminism. Routledge. Volpp, L. (2001). Feminism versus multiculturalism. Colum. L. Rev., 101,...

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cultural values. Since the two countries have different cultural backgrounds, their analysis is very contrastive. South Korea represents the eastern culture while the United States represents the western culture. Individualism versus collectivism Individualism is where personal ties are loose and individuals look after themselves with own goals to achieve. On the other hand, collectivism is whereby people are united into distinct in-groups, and they take care of each other for certain loyalty (Hofstede 2000). South Korean culture has total collectivism. They are divided into groups, and each member has responsibility for the other. Loyalty is the most important icon and therefore an individual's...

cultural values (203-6). For instance, Primavera paint depicted a new down in the environment presenting a blossoming spring, a concept that many analyses have attributed to the changes in the new social order marking the beginning of the Italian and European Renaissance. The Value of the Primavera Paints in the Development of Renaissance in Italy The Primavera depicted realism in the painting, breaking away from the traditional classical values that artists focused on in the development of cultural understanding in Italy. It was done by Sandro, who like other artists of the time, was loyal to the town of Florentine and was also attached to the Lorenzo, his ruling cousin. The painting thus depicts...