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Cultural Interview Paper Student’s Name Institution Introduction According to The EuroMed Info (2016), culture determines the willingness of people in a certain community to seek treatment for different illness. For instance, the Asian Indians have cultural beliefs founded on religion and traditional perceptions. These cultural beliefs affect the way they perceive medication and treatment. In order to understand and provide accurate views of Asian Indians with regard to healthcare, I interviewed a 54-year-old Asian Indian man with the name initials K.A.S. The interview responses were as below: Religion and Treatment The man claimed that the Indian culture appreciates the use of modern medicine and treatment approaches. However, despite healing being associated with medical treatment, the Indians believe that their God plays a significant role. In this regard, God is perceived as a force that controls the impact of the treatment and care of the patient. Therefore, the medicine itself is not significantly important if God is not involved through prayer to intervene and cause it to treat. The man continued to elaborate that diseases originate from an individual’s sins in the past. In this regard, the sick people are advised to pray to God through reciting Charms and asking for spiritual intervention. Upon healing, the patient regards it as a sign that God heard their prayer, and forgave their initial sins. Home Remedies Mr. K.A.S claimed that the Asian Indians considered home remedies such as yoga important in maintaining good health. He explained that when one is involved in yoga, which is characterized by breath control, specific bodily stance and

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