Cultural influences of jazz music

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Name Course Tutor Date Cultural influences of jazz music Jazz music has been termed as the most American form of music. However, Jazz is a musical style of improvisation, African-American rhythms and European-American performance (Evans 353). Despite the various definitions of Jazz, the most important thing about it is a fact that has elements that come up with the form it takes that is Jazz. One of these elements is syncopation. This is simply an unexpected rhythm on the offbeat. Music from the West is built upon various expectations. Certain changes in the chord changes and progressions show emphasis on a certain basis. Syncopation places rhythmic stress in places where in normal situations, they are not expected (Evans 98). This clearly outlines similar societal occurrences like human problems such as survival in a crowded city or group identity. Where, as much as one might be from a different culture; they find a way of integrating their difference with the new environment and co-existing with everyone. Nonetheless, Jazz has an element known as swing note, which is a triple subdivision of the beat against duple subdivisions (Hardesty 591). This element brings out the differences in the society that may cause difficulty in existence. An instance could be racial discrimination. Often have people been judged or made to go through unnecessary struggles simply because they are different. Jazz, however, shows through Swing Notes, that all these differences could be bypassed and people could live together in harmony despite their differences. Clearly, the above explained is a clear depiction of how human problems in the society are represented through

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