Cultural Habits

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Cultural Habits Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Part 1: Questionnaire This part provides a sample questionnaire used to gather information from Ackland Art Museum visitors to help identify their cultural habits. A questionnaire is a quantitative data collection method necessary when carrying out different surveys (Remla & Van 2015). The questions provided in this inquiry are in simple language and comprehensible to accommodate non-native visitors and therefore, participants will be able to answer appropriately. Also, most of the questions have multiple answers that participants can choose from, and only a few require the participants to offer their personal written opinion. Ackland Art Museum Questionnaire Date: Gender:Nationality: Visitor’s Age (yrs): Highlight only one Below 18 18-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 Above 61 What is your residential area’s zip code? i. How many times have you visited Ackland Museum including today? Highlight only one. Once Twice More than three times ii. Do you visit alone or accompanied by other people? Highlight only one Alone With other people iii. What is your relationship with those who you visit/ed with to this institution? Choose only one. Family Relative Other. Specify What are your reasons for visiting this Museum today? (Select one only) To use or see the museum To attend a particular function Other reasons. Explain. i. How did you learn about Ackland Museum or the function you are attending? Select all valid means. Radio Relative or friend Newspaper Television Internet. Specify which site Other. Specify ii. How would you rate the advert? Choose only

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