Cultural Formulation Interview

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Significance of Cultural Formulation Interview on Diagnosis and Treatment Student Institution Affiliation Introduction It is important to adopt a Cultural Formulation Interview (CFI) for the validation of cross-cultural contexts. Such validation assessments apply globally. CFI assesses all the aspects of cultural acceptability, utility, and feasibility and addresses the issue through interviews administered by clinicians and paramedics. In this case, for example, CFI is important for students who report cases of anxiety, restlessness, and worry due to the forthcoming exams. It marks good diagnosis and treatment in the field of both psychiatry and medicine.Need to Respond to Open-Ended Questions CFI helps students appreciate the background of their current concerns. In such a case, the students who submit themselves to the Cultural Formulation Interviews report comfort, rejuvenation, and new focus since the questions affect their very personal life matters like relationships, health, and academics (Mezzich et al, 2009). An example is a case where a 27-year old lady appreciated the opportunity afforded her to share her anxiety and concerns before the CFI panelists. Questions Likely to Ask There are pertinent questions to ask these students as they prepare for their assignments. The nature of questions determines how they respond to the rising anxiety, depression, and worry. Some of the questions include: What is it that happens to you at your background, background here meaning home? Do you receive good treatment from your loved ones in that regard? Have previous interviews strengthened your relationship with your clinician? What were your challenges by then and

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