Cultural Diversity

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Name Professor Course Date The Issues Related to Social Stratification, Power Differences, and Inequity Example I Both Dhimotiki (L) and Katharévousa (H) are two types of languages commonly used in Greece. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the relative role of the two varieties of linguistics was quite distinct. The dissimilarity is an outcome of public stratification, power variances, and inequality. The Katharévousa linguistic (H) was to be applied in severe speeches whereas Dhimotiki (L) was set aside for an informal conversation. Riot elapsed in Athens as the writing of the New Testament in Dhimotiki (L) language since as most of the Greece people were not well conversant with the language. Nowadays the use of Dhimotiki (L) and Katharévousa (H) languages is primarily influenced by politics or power. The democratic government has made Dhimotiki (L) as the formal language (Holmes at el. 39).The university students render the Katharévousa language (H)as outdated and old-fashioned signifying that the verbal communication was now obsolete and the society doesn't need it. Thus power plays a critical role in influencing the linguistics of a given country. Example II Hypercorrection is one of the parts of speech which social stratification has influenced. It dramatically relies on the use of an incorrect word form or accent based on a misleading relationship with a right or prestigious style, for instance, use of I instead of me as a syntactic object. The hypercorrection is as a result of social stratification, inequity as well as power difference. For instance, the Lower Middle-Class talkers sometimes use fame hallmarks at a higher rate than Upper

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