Cultural barriers to healthcare in us hispanic population

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Cultural Barriers to Healthcare Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Cultural Barriers to Healthcare: Screening and Prevention of Cervical Cancer There is the perception that cultural barriers play a huge role when it comes to the process of screening and preventing cervical cancer among the Hispanic population of the US. The reason is that there are some things which these people do which makes them vulnerable to such ailments compared to other populations. These cultural barriers include social norms, cultural beliefs, and issues of fatalism. The role of this essay is to demystify on cultural barriers to health care present in the Hispanic population of the US.The provision of health care by nurses has increased in a diversified population of patients. The problem is created by the presence of cultural barriers which hinders the manner in which services are administrated to those in need, making it impossible to deliver quality care. Working with a diverse group presented by the Hispanic population of the US presents a huge barrier when it comes to providing healthcare services. These relate to the presence of different philosophies about disease causation and cure from the Hispanic populations. Most of these families have a tendency to rely on traditional modes of healing that are recognized as cultural points. There are cases where Hispanic women experience high incidences of cervical cancer. These women present a scenario of severe cases of higher mortality rate in comparison with other populations. The increasing growth in the minority group presented by Hispanic population signifies a critical perspective when it comes to the problem of

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