Cultural awareness essay about Pakistan

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Cultural awareness about Pakistan Name: Tutor: Institution Affiliations: Date: Cultural awareness about Pakistan Every community has their way of life which is their culture, the pattern change as the people of the society adopts other behaviors also contribute to their culture. Many nations make progress, and as this goes, their culture also improves as new customs and codes that bind the society are acquired. Some nations may lose their cultural heritage by fully falling into other cultures and adopting them as their own while others maintain their cultural heritage (Rodnick, Andrus, & Mohammed, 1967). Formerly referred to as the Republic of Pakistan, the constitutional and humble geographical grounds known as Pakistan is surrounded by; Afghanistan, China, India and Iran counties. With ideal influences from its neighborhood resulting into a Muhijir tribe (even though they are majorly immigrants from India), the nation is made up of various ethnic groups who reside in different provinces in agglomeration pattern due to cultural modifications. The tribes include; Punjab, Sindhis, Kashmiri, Baloch, Hazaras, Dards, Wakhi, Baltis, Pashtuns and Burusho. Buddhism, Christianity, Parsis, and Hindus are part of the minority religious groups that make significant part of the cultural orientation of the Pakistan (Christianity being about 3% of the population practicing that). However, Islam is the dominant religion in this nation with Islamic culture, norms and customs being the much significant to the real brim national levels (Malik, 2004). Pakistan is a rich cultural country with its uniqueness in lifestyle; that is food, art, clothing, celebrations, sports

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