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Cultural Assessment Name: Institution Affiliation: Introduction “Bend it like Beckham” is a movie that revolves around two different cultures. This paper explores the family involved in the films, their social practices, cultural practices, family values and the families’ mode of life. This study also assesses the impact of the family way of life on communication processes and decision-making in the family. Furthermore, this paper validates the effects of every lifestyle represented by each family on child rearing. Families involved The story revolves around two families living in England. The story is set in the era of David Beckham reign in football (approximately between 2007 and 2013). There are two major families involved the film, the family of Paxton and the family of Bhamra. The two families reside in London. However, Bhamra family traces their roots back to India where Mr. Bhamra came from before settling in London. Bhamra’s family consists of the father (Mr. Bhamra) the mother (Mrs. Bhamra) and two daughters (Pinky and Jess). The other family in the movie is of Mr. Allan Paxton. The Paxton family consists of the father (Mr. Paxton) the mother (Mrs. Paxton) and their teenage daughter Jules. Mr. Paxton family is a native British household who also reside in London (Chadha, 2002). Family Processes Mr. and Mrs. Bhamra’s are Indians living in London, the two heads of the family are conservatives. Mr. Bhamra is the director of the family and makes the final decision affecting the family. The parents are strict and wish to see that the children follow their tradition practices such as marriage plans, gender roles and observing social

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