Cultural and Ethnic Studies Revised

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Cultural and Ethnic Studies Author’s Name: Course: Instructor’s Name: Institution: City and State: Date: Abstract This essay discusses the merger between Chinese multinational automotive manufacturing business, Geely and Malaysian automotive company, Proton; from a cross-cultural perspective. It identifies a number of possible cross-cultural conflicts from two perspectives, i.e. a national and organizational level. Such conflicts that may arise from the merger include communication problems, loss of national identity, a disparity in organizational values and beliefs and difference in strategies such as pricing. Upon occurrence, these conflicts may bear severe implications such as poor project performance, fear of cultural erosion and ultimately, cultural anxiety. The essay then provides a number of possible remedies to the conflicts. These remedies include the massive inclusion of the Malaysian local people in employment opportunities that the merger will create, in order to help retain their pride and identity; the establishment of a proper knowledge and communication flow system between the two companies to avoid miscommunication; human resource strategies such as employment of bicultural people to participate in the merger to enhance effectiveness; adoption of democratic management styles to avoid implications of authoritarian decision making; and the establishment of focus groups in order to unite the employees of Proton and Geely’s other subsidiaries. Executive summary This essay provides an analysis of the potential cross-cultural conflicts between the Geely and Proton merger, their impacts as well as the possible mitigation measures. The

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