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Student’s name Instructor’s name Course title Date Crowdsourcing Crowdsourcing is a practice in which a business seeks to obtain services, information or opinions from a large number of people, mostly through the internet. Crowdsourcing is based on the principle that since large crowds consist of people with different ideas and skills, canvassing on such a crowd would lead to the generation of quality ideas. For example, crowdsourcing could be used when a business intends to develop a new product by obtaining the different opinions of customers from different cultural backgrounds (Simon et al. 33) Businesses usually use crowdsourcing to invite customer support. The information and opinions obtained from the public could be used to make improvements in certain areas or products. It also enhances relationship-building with the crowd. By harvesting ideas and knowledge from the general public, it is possible for a business to decide on the appropriate strategies for restoring the public trust. The major benefit of crowdsourcing is that it provides businesses the opportunity to work with people with different ideas and skills that the in-house team may be lacking. The best ideas are selected for the thousands of ideas generated from the crowd without incurring the overhead costs associated with in-house employees. Crowdsourcing involves obtaining opinions of a large crowd of people. With the rise of social media, it is now possible for a business to target a large crowd of people as many people are spending their time on social media platforms. The increased use of social networks, wikis, podcasts, and blogs has increased the opportunity for businesses to connect

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