Cross-cultural management

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Name: Professor: Course: Date Social-cultural Management People come together for so many reasons; some may not even know each other. However, the common interests unite them despite their differences. This is the kind of unity that is experienced in the Mall of America. Located in Bloomington, Minnesota, the mall not only attracts people from America but from all over the world and it has grown to be a great tourist destination. Nonetheless, our focus today is on anthropology, as we seek to establish the various characteristics displayed by the visitors to the American mall. The mall also provides quite a rich social, cultural heritage as it unites people of all diversities (Eriksen, 37). Observations 1. Different people are speaking different languages but also have an understanding thanks to the use of a common language (English) in most parts of the mall. 2. Different people have a different mode of dressing, some dress in quite a short outfit while others cover their entire body with little space to facilitate seeing. 3. A great interaction for children of different descent at the indoor amusement park although they seem to communicate and interact well. 4. A lot of floor space with employees of different diversity. 5. Religious disparities, displayed by the dressing and also the decorations at different times of the year, e.g., Christmas decorations. 6. A great number of people, yet they all seem to have different tastes and preferences including the food selection, each looking quite happy with their choice. 7. Well, some kids seem to walk out of the mall so happy while others can’t hide their sad faces as they did not get what they wanted, or

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