Critique of the Physical Explanation of the Enhanced Greenhouse Effect

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Critique of the Physical Explanation of the Enhanced Greenhouse Effect Indeed, “None Like it Hot!” is an informative video targeting certain age groups and giving them a simplified version of how green house gasses causes global warming. The video portrays animated sun and greenhouse gasses, in which the latter attack the former that leads to more heat on earth. However, this seems a little bend from the truth on the relationship between the sun and the greenhouse gasses. The greenhouse gasses barely move to outer layers of the earth’s atmosphere. The truth is that increases in green house effect lead to make more heat getting absorbed atmosphere. According to Burns, Davis, and Kick (434), recent studies have indicated that such an effect may lead to an increase in the temperatures of the earth, which is essentially global warming, but this theory has drawn lots of debate. However, most scientists agree with this theory. Certainly, there has not been any report of the government usage of large blocks of ice on oceans to reduce global warming. However, governments have developed some treaties to reduce green house emissions. Greenhouses gasses emanate from daily human activities, for instance, usage of energy in heating of houses, petroleum in motor vehicles, factories, ships and many others. The greenhouse gasses do not just stay in a single place after they dissipate into the atmosphere, and as air move around the earth so goes the green house. Hence the pervasiveness of greenhouse gasses on the atmosphere was appropriately captured in the video. To the five-year-olds, their knowledge of sources of natural heat and is static, and it can be a big task explaining

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