Critique Ethical Issues Regarding Information Technology

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Week 5 Assignment Student’s Name: Institution Name: Week 5 Assignment Critique of Ethical Issues Regarding Information Technology Information Technology (IT) acts as the backbone of the modern society. Important aspects of human and organizational existence are underpinned to the functional dynamics of IT. As such, it remains important to evaluate factors of ethical intensity that are associated with the prevalent and uncontrolled expansion of the IT sector. By narrowing down to the field of organizational management, it is evident that cyber security has become a surviving priority to most companies. Sophisticated installations of IT carry with them an equal risk of a security breach to vital company information. Including the US government’s Office of Personnel Management, the two insurance companies, Anthem and Premera, among other established organizations were principal victims of the black hat hacking community during 2015. As a means to understand better the drawbacks and relatable aspects of online security breaches, this study scrutinizes fully one of the distressed companies to determine better the downsides that are linked to the attack and the potential mechanisms to prevent future attacks. Summary of Major Security Hacks during 2015 It is inevitable for companies to adequately prevent cyber threats with the online technology getting sophisticated by each passing day. However, this is not the main reason why the attacks occur. In an analytical study by Cerrudo (2015), some of the reasons why cyber-attacks include, but not limited to, lack of computer emergency response teams in some corporations within the public sector, inadequate security, and

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