critically analyse the implementation of bedside handover system to illustrate good practise in the clinical environment

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Critically analyze the Implementation of Bedside Handover System to illustrate Good Practice in the Clinical Environment Introduction Clinical handover is a significant element of safety in the patient care. Clinical handover refers to the shift of professional roles and responsibility for a portion or all components of a single patient or groups of clients’ care, to another professional group or individual on a permanent or temporary basis (Hughes 2010, p. 20). The handover transference between nurses usually takes place three times per day in many health care systems and offers a chance to enhance a patient-oriented technique of care. Several institutions and experts argue for the bedside handover with active client involvement. It is determined that the implementation of the clinical handover practices be completed in a universal staff environment rather than being executed in specific clinical context (Hughes 2010, p. 21). In other words, the clinical handover should be adopted in an environment that permits patients the opportunity to get what is being discussed, rectify any misrepresentation, and submit the queries about their care and treatment processes. Despite the reports that nurses advocate the situation where patients are allowed to take part, the nurses influence the physical place for the bedside handover. Furthermore, they do not frequently carry out clinical handover at the bedside as required, but, rather, they place themselves outside the client’s room or where the nurses’ offices are located, which may hamper patient engagement (Parkin 2009, 13). With the motivation to encourage clinical bedside handover, it is significant to grasp the

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