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Name Professor Course Date Critical Thinking Topic #2 Perception refers to the interpretation and recognition of the stimuli of the sensory system based on the memory of an individual. It is the manner in which people interpret the data about their surroundings. The data that needs interpretation could originate from smell, sight, taste, touch, and hearing. Perceptions of individuals vary because different factors determine them in their environment. The opinion of a person is influenced by the social setup and the type of information available in their environment (Rogers 50). The variance in the perception of individuals depends on their peer group, interest, needs, and expectations. In this case, the importance and requirements of a person vary from another person that influences their perception. For instance, a person with a severe history of gun violence could perceive the gun control debate negatively while one without any experience of gun violence tends to support the argument of owning a gun (Boothe 22). The other factor that influences a person's perception is their imagination. The attitudes of two different individuals vary because individual visions are unique. The correlation between the results of the human senses and the variation of the perceptions of different people is evidence that people cannot trust the interpretation of their thoughts. When a group of diverse people is exposed to the same environment, their perception regarding that particular setup varies because of the different variations of the visual interpretation (Rogers 56). The analysis of the sensory organs is directly correlated to the perceptions of the humans. In this case,

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