Critical Thinking Responses: Drugs

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1A. It is true that there are drugs that can cause people to have a feeling of happiness by controlling the serotonin in the brain. The drugs work on the mood making people who are feeling unhappy to develop a better mood, thus feel as though they are happier. 1B. A research carried out on an adequate sample of individuals experiencing issues with their happiness can be used to establish whether or not the drug is actually causing people to be happy. An experimental study will be better where there will be a group (experimental) that will use the drug and a control group that will not use the drug. Comparing the two groups will establish whether there is a relationship between the drug and happiness level. 2. From the study, it is appropriate to argue that regular use of social media has a negative effect on the grades of the users. The correlation coefficient is -.50 suggests that there is a negative relationship between the two variables, regular use of social media and student’s grades. Thus, when there is more use of social media suggests a decline in the grades of the students. Thus, evidence from research proves the validity of the hypothesis that regular use of social media lowers the grades of the students. 3. Jeremy might not meet any criteria for a mental disorder, but this does not mean he does not have any problem. His actions can be concluded to be behavioral problems resulting from the circumstances in his family. The behavior problems are to such extent that they have become exhibited publicly through aggressive behavior. Due to the problems, he needed counseling from a professional therapist who would help in understanding the causes of his behavior and

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