Critical Thinking Questions

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Question 6: Causal oversimplification fallacy Question 7: The event of death in people occurs as a result of various factors such as diseases, accidents, old age or natural death which could as well caused Virginia’s untimely death. Question 8: Post hoc fallacy Question 9: Various factors cause a nervous breakdown in individuals such as sleep deprivation and severe overwork that if they go unchecked; they result in psychological burnout and stress-induced depression ultimately causing the mental breakdown. Question 10: Post hoc fallacy Question 11: Virginia could have considered suicide as she felt the need to relieve her immediate relatives the burden, hardships, time employed and high costs they incurred while taking care of her. Question 12: Causal oversimplification fallacy Question 13: The heart and lung trouble were as a result of medical conditions with effects on the lungs and pulmonary vascular such as cancer, asthma, chronic bronchitis, Pulmonary arterial hypertension and Pulmonary embolism. Question 14: Deceptive. Question 15: False. Question 16: False Question 17: Not reasonable –confusing averages – The author uses a general term that is difficult in determining how the calculation of the figure. The author should have used more accurate values such as the mean, the median or the mode which will be useful in determining the kind of lifestyle a professional baseball would lead. Question 18: Not Reasonable- omitting information – the author uses absolute numbers in reporting of the complaints made against the airlines. The author should have employed the use of percentages in the determination of complaints since the United States airlines have more

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