Critical Thinking Project A

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Critical Thinking Project Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Date of Submission Introduction Workplace injuries are common, especially with companies involved in construction. Construction requires the use of human resources to achieve the desired project objectives. However, a company needs to provide a safe and healthy working environment as required by the Occupational Safety and Health(OSH) Act. The accident that occurred in the Truss Construction Shop seems to have angered the company’s employees resulting in one of them leaking the details of what happened to the media. He was fired as a result of this behavior. The employees had sought clarification from the company regarding as to whether the manufacturing processes could be flawed and whether there was a likelihood of trusses failing under a load. The occupational safety and health administration have been informed about this accident. The accident can be damaging to this company’s reputation. An analysis of the accident needs to be done to determine the cause of the accident and solutions to the problem to prevent the occurrence of such issues in the future. Explanation of the Issue A hoist operator was severely injured on his head when a truss broke and hit him when he was testing the truss. The employee is in a coma and still in hospital two weeks after the accident. The company’s employees are concerned about their safety as well as the effectiveness of the hoist machinery. These engineering employees have raised questions regarding the trusses as to whether they are of quality or whether they could fail under load (Liebsch, & Liebsch, 2009, p. 59). However, the

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