Critical Thinking in the Practice of Juror Revised

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Student’s name Teacher’s name Course Date Critical Thinking in the Practice of Juror As the serving on a jury is an extremely honorable mission, persons engaged in this process have to push themselves to the limits to carry out this duty in the best possible manner. A jury has to have a full command of critical thinking and be capable of distinguishing the truth from the false. Admittedly, even twelve experienced and wise men, who are very difficult to bewilder, can't have an instant proper answer to the essential question of the defendant's innocence. Therefore, they have to put aside unnecessary prejudices, consider all possible scenarios and doubt all arguments. On the top of that, this job requires the outstanding critical thinking and the soberness of mind, because under no circumstances may the jury take somebody's side. They have to evaluate the probability of any situation provoking the crime as well as any justification for the person to let him or her off. Considering the clip we’re asked to watch; I can say that referring to the human being’s nature and the statements, such as «they can do anything, you’ve seen these kids as well as I have» is inappropriate and that’s why other jurymen denied it (Youtube, n.p.). Putting labels (for example "all children are liars") may turn out to be extremely harmful and distract from the honest way of judgment. The principle "praesumptio innocentiae" considers anyone, accused of the crime, not to be guilty, until the opposite is proved. Only weighing the facts helps shed light on such a complicated problem. As one of the characters notes correctly "it's always difficult to keep personal prejudice out of

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