Critical Thinking Concepts

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Critical Thinking Concepts Chapter 7 “Appeal to Pity” Concept Summary This is a form of the fallacy of relevance that takes place every time the challenger tries to induce sympathy in the reader or hearer (Sarri 74). For example, a student may right to his or her professor that when he or she fails to let him or her pass with Grade A, then the student shall lose his job. The student may try to induce sympathy by mentioning other things that may be detrimental to him or her if she fails to get Grade A. the student may conclude by saying that the Grade A would be greatly appreciated. However, this conclusion is just a non-sequitur or reply and does not factually or logically proceed (Sarri 75). Strength and Weakness The strength of this concept is that it is applied in various situations and common in several types of professions, human interactions, among kids and their parents, among other situations. Furthermore, the lawyers also apply the concept to judges to release their customers. However, the weakness of this fallacy is that it does not mean that all emotional appeals are invalid. Instead, it is just manipulative and utilizes the readers or listeners as a means to an end (Sarri 75). The concept tries to exploit or deceive the listener. Remedy to the Weakness The only solution or remedy to this fallacy is that the student who works hard and consistently, yet cannot afford an e-book, and fears that he or she will fail or lose a job, should be offered assistance or guidance from the instructor, college book board, students’ association, or, at the minimum, the library should provide the book for the learner to prepare for the exams (Sarri 75). Linkages This

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