Critical Thinking

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Name Instructor Course Date Misinformation in the Media Misinformation can be defined as an action of misleading or the condition of being misled, or merely false incorrect information. This false and inaccurate information is usually passed along and propagated by otherwise innocent people who are just misguided and believe in them (Sheridan 3). Technology has blurred the lines between true and false information. The internet is loaded with tons of information on just about anything, and there is no way you can easily discern which content to digest and which not to. The more significant part is, misinformation is mostly laced now with little facts—probably taken out of context—to make it pass for genuine information (Menczer 1). There are this prevalence and persistence in rumors and false information in the modern society which seems to take root every single day. For instance, the issue of vaccines has been a source of debate for a while now with some people abstaining from them out of rumors that these vaccines are harmful (Lewandowsky et al. 2). This misinformation eventually results in breakouts of diseases that could have otherwise been prevented by vaccination. The one mistake people make by believing that misinformation can easily be discredited and ignored, the vaccine example proves otherwise. Misinformation is authoritative, and it is undoubtedly not authority-controlled but peer-controlled. When it comes to the web, every fact has a counterfeit version of it (Anderson and Rainie 4). People are seeking truth depending on their idea of that reality, meaning they will most likely go with the information that agrees with them. It becomes easier to

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