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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Introduction The pop musical work, “Killing Women” composed by John Hamerlinck is an excellent piece of literature. The author has symbolically chosen the topic of the work to highlight the plight of women at the hands of society. Naturally, women are usually subjected to several unfavorable conditions and unfair cultures. These practices usually disadvantage women from achieving their dreams. The author suggests that since we are a society that disrespects women, we have allowed the culture to foster itself fully into the society such that the mainstream “appreciates” women being victimized by those around them, (Hamerlinck, 23). The author also uses a line from a song that suggests that causing injuries to women is a correct thing. Analyzing a line from a song such as “I-loved-her-so-much-I-had-to-kill-her,” one may get the impression that the song is about love. However, on a keen view, you realize that it is not about love but violence against women. From the author’s point of view, these songs and the mainstream culture are wrong in their treatment of women as they render them weak and keep hurting them without any mercy at any instance. This brings us to our thesis statement, the pop culture in the mainstream lifestyle is all about male domination, power, and control over women. Body Some people may argue that the author chose outdated songs in his work. The songs are from the 1920s and the 1980s mainstream pop culture. However, it is impossible to criticize the author fully based on the songs since what he is highlighting is making a lot of sense. We cannot ignore such issues since even statistics are showing

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