Critical Reflection #3

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Critical Reflection Paper Name Institution Affiliation Critical Reflection According to Creasy and Jarvis (2012), the community is critical to individual development. Stable communities provide an ideal environment for development by creating a sense of community efficacy and allowing the adolescent to participate in activities that support their positive development. Adolescent growing up in economically deprived areas are exposed to a myriad of unfavorable factors that make them susceptible to emotional, social and psychological problems. Exposure to these factors affects their development negatively. Stressful experiences in early life have different types of adversity and contribute to adverse mental health outcomes which become visible as early as adolescence age (Vanderbilt & Shaw, 2008). However, young people who exhibit resilient are capable of showing positive development even in extremely difficult circumstances. An individual’s characteristic can influence how vulnerable young people respond to various stresses in the environment. Additionally, Creasy & Jarvis (2012) noted that the immediate ecology is highly important, particularly during the transition period. As a young girl living in a neighborhood perceived to be relatively stable, I had firsthand experience of how negative stressors can influence development. Although the neighborhood is relatively stable, inequality persists, and there is evidence of differing socio-economic status. Growing up, these inequalities manifested, not only in the schools we went to but also on the self-esteem of some of my friends. We were grouped into “the children of the rich” and the “children of

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