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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Critical Opinion of Lives: Underground Dads In the article, Live; Underground Dads, Wil Haygood offers a fresh perspective on the problem of single mother families amongst the black population CITATION Hay97 l 2057 (Haygood). Statistically, a single parent mother heralds negatively for the male child. In spite of a few shortfalls in the article, Haygood argues persuasively that even in the case of a single mother family, a young black boy can still turn out okay. Haygood never got to know his father and yet never became one the miserable black fatherless children.He had several father figures who taught him many different lessons in life. Jerry, his mother's boyfriend, showed him the value of honesty. Jimmy, his grandfather, taught him to be independent and live up to exacting standards.Uncle Henry taught him to value family and patience. These father figures are the ones he calls underground dads. One of the shortfalls of the argument is the use of ethos for persuasion.Haygood uses himself as a reference point for all black people. This form of endearment weakens the persuasion of the argument since there is no guarantee that he is a standard for all black people. Haygood mentions that he would comfortably explain to his friends that he had no father. He proceeds to illustrate that the important lessons in his life were learned from other father figures. He concludes on a note of his defiance of the odds against him. This narration is a subjective experience that may not necessarily represent the black population. Another shortcoming is the use of vague statistics and unclear references. The conventional

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