Critical Infrastructure Protection

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Critical Infrastructure Protection Name: Institutional affiliation: Question 1 The core mission of DHS is to protect critical infrastructure in America by ensuring that it prevents a terrorist attack. DHS also helps in reducing the vulnerability of the U.S to any form of terrorism. The agency ensures that Americans and their critical infrastructure are protected from terrorist and any other vulnerability that can threaten the infrastructure. Therefore, DHS ensures that the country is safe, secure, and is protected against terrorism and any other security risk. DHS is headed by Secretary of Homeland Security, and it has a number of agencies that ensures its effective operations. In addition, DHS has advisory groups that play a different role in ensuring that the department meets its main objective. DHS covers broad security areas such as anti-terrorism, border security, cyber-security, and disaster management and prevention. Therefore, DHS is a structure security agency that has a wide scope of operations. From the time it was formed after the September 11th terrorist attack, the main responsibility of DHS has always been to secure the lives and property of Americans from any potential terrorist attack. The second main responsibility of DHS is American borders including air and seas. Thirdly, the agency promotes legal immigration while preventing any form of illegal immigration. Finally, DHS is responsible for disaster preparedness and management. Question 2 The initiative of CIP is to make sure that the entire critical infrastructure in the US is safe from any form of vulnerability. The country knows the importance of critical structure to economic development,

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