Critical evaluation of an Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey

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Module: 7LFS1037 - Ecology and Conservation Evaluation of Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey (Extended Phase 1 report Swarkstone Quarry) Name Institution Executive Summary The extended phase 1 survey was conducted to determine different habitat sites including arable, bare ground ditches fences grassland and inundation vegetation, improved grasslands, standing water and broadleaved woodland. The ecological desk study was used to identify the species in the outlined habitats. The findings show that most of the habitats can support species. Each habitat has different characteristics that can support both faunal and floral species. The recommendation for the second survey should include removal of vegetation to allow birds to nest around the trees. Introduction Plant diversity is an essential part of the biosphere since it enhances the development of the environment. Food and fossil fuels are two essential products from plants that people survive with, and they are produced through the process of photosynthesis. Therefore, conservation of plants should be enhanced globally to reduced threats that result from habitat transformation and pollution. Swarkestone quarry is one of the areas with different ecological habitats. Evaluation of the dominant species and environmental factors surrounding them would play a key role in establishing conservation strategies at the site. Site Description and Evaluation The desk study was undertaken at the site to identify the presence of both protected and unprotected species. The nature conservation sites were identified and species with a 1KM radius were studied and data recorded based on the ecological data records provided by

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