Critical care guidelines revised

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Publishing researches provide nursing practitioners with the opportunity to share knowledge and experience. It also allows users to improve outcomes through changes in the clinical practice. Through publishing, the quality of the papers will be checked thereby avoiding repetition and at the same time giving the nurses an opportunity to sell their skills and contribute to their field of study. New information will be provided that will keep the nurses updated and communicate their study findings. Nurses have skills and knowledge which they should share with the public. They are not allowed to give any medical advice in the process of publication, but there are many topics that they can write and educate the public about. Other than acting an opportunity for the nurses to share their experiences, publications make nurses stand out in their workplaces. The Critical Care Guidelines for Nurses aims at controlling and its effects on the population. The guidelines are to be used by nurses and other medical practitioners to enhance the quality of care given to the adult patients. It also discusses the relationship between genetics and the condition and the different ways through which genetic coding can help in coming up with a vaccine (Barr et al., 2013). In writing the article, establishing a connection between the provided guidelines and published materials is essential. If the instructions match whatever the article is about, the writing the writing process will be natural (Annane et al., 2017). Library materials such as the book; Clinical Guidelines for Advanced Practice Nursing: and JoAnne M Saxe describes all the nursing and clinical guidelines. Other books that

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