Critical Analysis on the Issue of Gun Control

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Critical Analysis on the Issue of Gun Control The debate on whether gun control works in America started decades ago. Both sides produce reasonable arguments for their perspectives. The recent trend where mass shootings and suicide rates increased pushed the whole country to review regulations formulated for internal security. Gun control appears advantageous when it comes to issues of mass shootings and single suicide cases. Most people assume that the lack of guns will reduce the tendency of gross homicidal events as witnessed in the recent past. Whitney feels that controlling the availability and usability of guns fails to solve the problem (57). The problem is the person, not the guns. A good example is the liberal issuance of guns in Hawaii yet cases of gun shootings are rare. In addition, gun control is a dysfunctional political propaganda which distracts the public from the real issue. The American people together with the government must face the root cause of violent outbursts from selected individuals before reducing the functional tool used. If the presence of some sort of weapon in the house meant violence, then homes of military and police officers would give some indication. Fortunately, these homes are known as among the most peaceful in their selected regions. As such, the problem arises from the emotional state of people rather than the presence of weapons. On the other hand, Matzopoulos in his article Gun Control Saves lives stated: "Although reduced access does not reduce the root causes of violence, it does, more often than not, reduce the severity and lethality of interpersonal conflict" (1). Such a statement reaffirms the fact that physical

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