Critical Analysis Of the Website by American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

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In this essay, the writer will provide a critical analysis of the website by American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) as written by Cooper-Hilbert (2016) on the topic of human infertility. In the site, Cooper-Hilbert (2016) provides information on infertility by first describing the definition of infertility as the incapacity to conceive a child. The author also explores the impacts that infertility has on the couple. She cites that couples feel rage, rejection, and betrayal. The depression might become a pain as they fantasize on the encounters they could have had with the kids. The couples may also encounter adjustments within their relation that might comprise the feelings of being emotionally far-away or the feelings of intimacy withdrawals. Cooper-Hilbert (2016) explains that family therapy might be beneficial for the couples encountering infertility problems. The therapist offers the clients a secure, impartial forum to converse the many matters associated with sterility, as well as corroborate the strong feelings that always come with the situation. Cooper-Hilbert (2016) explains that even though the therapist may not intercede in medical care to assist in conception, the therapist assists the couple wade across the infertility process, interconnect with one another as well as have support from relatives. Lastly, Cooper-Hilbert (2016) explains that family therapy may as well offer a chance for couples to discover more effective methods of tackling infertility problem, comprehend the problem, decrease disagreement and anxiety, as well as make good choices concerning clinical cure. Strengths and Limitations The website draws its strength in its

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