Critical Analysis of the Paradise Lost

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Authored by John Milton, the paradise lost is a critical reading that explores various themes attributed to the biblical understanding and knowledge based in Judaic culture. The Christian culture forms the basis in which Milton draws his plot, characters, and approach to writing. It majors on the tale of how human race fell in Garden of Eden. Milton uses various characters in the poem with the main ones being God, Jesus, Satan, and the first persons that are Adam and Eve. Also, he incorporates the Archangels Raphael and Michael. The author includes the biblical understanding of the fall into the apparent thoughts of humanism, political and domestically understandings to generate his ideas and meaning. The book contains various thematic issues that create a thrilling and interesting flow of ideas. The paradise lost presents the justification and the reasons that lead to the fall of man. He describes the God punishment and strategies that God employed in a bid to reconnect with humanity. The experiences and the whole epic demonstrate rightfulness of God following the various occurrences that man passed through. He points out that the primary causes of the fall of man resulted from disobedience and sin. Eve succumbed to temptation, and they substantially overcame her ability to right reasoning and later gave in to passions. These occurrences, therefore, describes the significance of logical thinking in human beings. Despite people being noble by nature, they contain the ability to choose between right and wrong and therefore held responsible for the outcome of their actions ("Paradise Lost: John Milton - Summary and Critical Analysis" N.p). According to Milton, God was

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