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CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF The Critical Theory Of Religion: Frankfurt School BY RUDOLF J. SIEBERT. Professor Rudolf J. Siebert is German-born American philosopher who has studied a range of disciplines that give considerable weight to his opinion on different. “He was born in “Frankfurt, Germany,” where he studied “history, philology, psychoanalysis” before moving on and taking an interest in theology and philosophy and which he studied at the “University of Munster” and the “Catholic University” situated in America.“Professor Siebert is widely acknowledged lecturer, teaching, and lecturing in many institutions globally such as in Dubrovnik in Former Yugoslav where he was the director of the course "Future of Religion" at the “Inter-University Center for Post Graduate Studies.” Furthermore, Siebert is an accomplished author who has authored various books and journals that have gained wide acclamation.” From the endeavors of the “Frankfurt School,” Professor Siebert came up with “The Critical Theory of Religion.” Based on the endless intellectual debate with sociologists, anthropologists, philosophers, theologians, the professor developed a theory that “emphasizes that based on the past and current societal trends,” religion has three alternate futures, each with varying possibilities and realities. The alternative possibilities of religion rely on the futures of religion that are; Future I – An entirely administered, with cybernetics being commonplace and technology being a vital component of this world. Future II- a totally militarized society where after a while nationalism will cease to exist with humanity becoming a military hegemony

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